A promotion video from my online drum recording service, where you can get some info on what it’s all about.

Here’s a drum cover of Toto’s child’s anthem. Jeff Porcaro is for me one of greatest pop-rock drummer and I love the groove of this song. This is only a highlight version of the song. Please enjoy:-)

This is a single I recorded did for Svend Bech, who is a singer and composer from Denmark.

The old classic Never Can Tell with one of the best Boogie Woogie piano player in Denmark Esben Just. It was a blast:-)

Toygar Işıklı is a famous singer and composer from Turkey. I have played on lots of his tracks. This song has over 110 million views on Youtube!

Bugra is a well-known artist in Turkey. I have recorded all the drums & percussion and the brass section was recorded in the US.

A little sample from our Acoustic DVD with Neighbours, where I play Cirkus Renz Galop on a little Glockenspiel together with Ronnie.

Through my producer contact in Istanbul, I did this song from the artist Fırat Akarsel.

A little sample from a concert with Neighbours & Friends, plus a special guest star Bryan Rice in Mariehaven Denmark. Read more about Bryan Rice here

A little sample from a concert with Neighbours & Sønderjyllands Symphonic Orchestra in Mariehaven.

Here’s a Drum cover of Led Zeppelin´s Rock and Roll. This is one of greatest rock songs and one of my favourite grooves to play. This is only a highlight version.

Can Cox is a well known artist from Turkey and this song is a single I did from him in 2017.

Here is a drum cover of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. This is one of my favourite songs from the 80’s. Remember that this is only a highlight version of the song.

Please enjoy:-)

Double Stroke Roll in my Bathroom! How crazy can you be? And no, that’s not my hairdryer;-)

Lockdown was made by Bill Henderson up to the President Election in 2020. He is a singer and composer, based in Colorado US.

A theme song from the Turkish tv-show Med Cezir, made by Toygar Işıklı, who is a famous composer and singer from Istanbul.

This song is from the album Hayat Gibi, from the famous composer and musician Toygar Işıklı.