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  • Professional session and freelance drummer
  • Double education from the Academy of Music in Denmark
  • Classical percussionist
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Bandleader
  • Piano player
  • Excellent music score reader

Hello! My name is Dennis Pedersen & I'm a

Professional session and freelance drummer from Denmark

My name is Dennis Pedersen and I’m a professional freelance and online session drummer from Denmark.

DennisPstudio is an online drum & percussion recording service. Here I record high quality drum tracks for producers and songwriters from all over the world. I’ve been in the recording & music business for many years and decided to build and start my own online recording service back in 2006.

Drums are one of the hardest instruments to record. It usually takes a whole day in a studio, before everything is set up and ready for recording. In my studio, everything is hooked up and ready to go. Therefore, a lot of time and money is saved, so you can concentrate on the most important thing, making some good music!

When you book me as an online session drummer, we can make a Skype video session, before I record the track(s). You’ll be able to see and hear me play and can give me your inputs, comments & ideas.

Communication is a key element when you’re recording, so this will lead to a much more inspiring & creative end result for both parts. Skype sessions are optional, but I’ll strongly advice you to use it.

Drums are the foundation of a song, and I know it´s a big decision to have a complete stranger playing them, but I promise you, your drums will be 100% safe in my hands.

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Dennis deserves 10 stars! Dennis' operation and gear is top tier. He works quick and is a great communicator, which is extremely essential when collaborating remotely. What I appreciated most is that I was able to see the equipment he was using and listen to his recording through Skype. Dennis is my go-to guy now for remote drum recordings!

Gabriel Leonard – HBMusicgroup

Dennis is simply the best. Our band was looking for a session drummer and we decided to go with Dennis because of his background in various genres of music, professionalism, and openness to communicate. From the outset, Dennis was clear in communication and things felt really personal even though we were half way across the world. The skype session is absolutely critical and we are so thankful for Dennis' recommendation on this. As for the tracks, wow.. The tracks/stems are high quality and honestly, are some of the best drum tracks that we have come across in all of our time working with drummers. Working with Dennis has been one of the smoothest experiences we have had with a session player and yes, that includes many that we have worked with in person, in real time. We will absolutely be going back to Dennis for future projects!

Thank you for being so awesome!

Paul & Frances – Bird and Butterfly

“He’s not only a great drummer, but also a great musician, which is hard to find. I’m lucky to have met you, as you change the productions where I am involved, with your playing, style and musicality.”

Baris Buyuk, Producer, Istanbul, Turkey

Dennis’ drumming brought the 3 songs that I am producing with Paul Genell to the next level. Working with him was very easy and professional. Thank you for great drumming Dennis.

Irawan Gani, Producer, Singapore

Having recorded music now for more than 30 years, I know how hard drum-recording is. Since 2006 I have had the pleasure of Dennis' drum skills. I have watched how he has perfected his drum sound and setup. The sound coming out of DennisPStudio today, is great quality and really well defined. Dennis is quick, musically brilliant and easy to work with.

Tommy T Rasmussen, Songwriter/Singer, Ansager, DK

Dennis's work is amazing! I hired him a year or so ago to lay down drum tracks for me on an original song "A Better Day" and he provided a better mix than I ever thought I'd get. He was able to immediately get the feel I wanted for the song while adding bits and pieces of his own style. I really enjoyed how he approached my song and so, that was the reason why I hired him a month ago to lay down drum tracks for 4 new original songs. Rinse and repeat - it was a very enjoyable experience. Overall, Dennis is a professional and it shows - he is very punctual when releasing mixes to a client and his drumming and mixing experience are top-notch. I am honored to work with a skilled musician like him and hope to work with him more in the near future.

Calvin Thomas, Producer, New York, Denmark.

Det var en stor fornøjelse, at have Dennis' indspilninger og ikke mindst ekspertise på mit nummer. Super tight og ramte stilen lige i øjet. Dennis mixede også nummeret, og nu står jeg med et slutresultat, hvor hans perfektionisme skinner tydeligt igennem. Det gør jeg gerne igen 🙂 Tusind tak! Hele forløbet har været en god oplevelse i hvert fald, både kommunikation, levering, kvalitet mv.

Jens J Iversen, Composer, Berlin, Germany.

I am using Dennis because he is obviously a very good drummer but also because he has a very proffesionel setup.He has great understanding of different genres and knows how to make a track that suits the music and sounds perfect.I highly recommend Dennis P studio for your next drum session.

Jan Kaspersen, Producer, Copenhagen, Denmark

We in The GLAM, has made several recordings in our own studio, but this time we would make a little extra with the drums, and what a pleasure it was to track the drums at Dennis P studio, Dennis is a really nice guy to work with, he gives the customer his full attention. All his gear is really good sounding, fantastic pre's and the best in microphones. All in all a fantastic experience,We have been doing studio work for over 30 years now, and the sound we got form Dennis P Studio, is absolutly one of the best we've ever had.The only problem is that Dennis has great ears and his musicality is sublime, so he hears every little mistake we make...;-) I can highly recommend Dennis P Studio, it is not the last time we will take pleasure of his work.

Torben Lehmann Producer, Varde, Denmark.

Not only in my film and tv scores but also in my solo album ( as a singer ) my soundtracks and songs became more effective with your excellent performance. My music sounds so good with your fascinating musicality and technique for sure. It's really a big chance for me to meet and work with you.

Toygar Iskili, Composer and Musician

I can strongly recommend the online drum recording service from The drums was played super tight(so you actually can put a electronic loop on top of the drums, without any editing). The drums sounded amazing and this was the first time, I actually could use a Snare bottom mic, without to much bleed from rest of the kit.

Andreas Jørnvil, Producer, Copenhagen

"I am very happy with the outcome of my drum tracks. I have had a very pleasant experience working with Dennis as he responds very fast to emails and is very well organised. Dennis also goes the extra mile to make sure you are fully satisfied with the outcome. I would have no problem recommending him to anyone looking for a top class drummer"

David Brennan, Composer & Musician

Awesome performance! I’m  very happy with your professional play. Thank you!

Takashi Akatat, Composer & Musician

Dennis P really delivers what you want. We had a short Skype session and a few hours later there were 16 tracks of best quality. We asked for a few dubs and they came soon after. Really efficient and not expensive and we saved many hours of drum programming and got the real thing instead. This is definitely not the last time we work with Dennis P. Can only be recommended.

Morten Remar – Composer & Musician

Outstanding player, terrific professional experience! Dennis solves the one lingering problem with the Airbags model; iterations of takes can be time-consuming and frustrating for both parties, but using Skype, Dennis is able to let you "produce" his performance, walk through what he's doing, tweak things. Very god process! And Dennis is responsive and gets what you are after. Will definitely hire again!

Bill Henderson – Composer & Musician

Amazing job as always. Fast and very concerned with getting the nuances just right.

James Cass – Composer & Musician

Dennis absolutely nailed the drum track, captured the style perfectly, and submitted an extremely professional multitrack with a very fast turn-around. Highly recommended.

Robert Nielsen – Composer & Musician

Spot on, per usual! Thanks for your services!!!

Herald Music Group

I’ve worked with Dennis on a recording for a song where I needed a professional drummer but I didn’t have the time to set it all up in our studio. So having the ability to get a drummer recorded without all the hassle with the recording yourself is great in itself.

While Skyping with Dennis for the first time he very thoroughly explained what he is going to do, he played what he had practiced live on Skype while I was listening and afterwards he recorded the drums by himself to perfection. He continued helping me develop the beat as I wanted it and did a very good job. He delivers all separate drum tracks in high quality, recorded with high end mics in an acoustic treated room and chooses his drums according to the style he has to play.

Dennis not only delivered a great drum recording ready to be mixed, he also contributed to the creative part by adding his touch to the beats and most importantly... he is a very nice guy to work with! This is definitely not the last time I will be working with Dennis.

Toni Martin Dobrzanski, composer and music producer

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